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There are over 160,000 miles of railroad tracks from coast to coast of the United States.

Managed by both large freight rail providers and short-line railroads, this network connects this vast maze of steel and wood into a reliable and efficient logistics system. At Alton & Southern, we specialize in dependable and secure short-line railroad connections to the Class I railroads. We take pride in our role in strengthening the nation’s supply chain and helping both local and our national economy thrive.

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intermediate switching

When the typical consumer puts an item in their shopping cart (whether online or in-store), you can bet they haven’t put much thought into how that pair of shoes or can of tomatoes made it to their store shelves. Most products make their way through intermediate shipping points as they make their way from the manufacturer to the retailer or store.  These stops help connect our clients’ products from their origin to their final destination, with the consumer.

Strategizing about moving goods from point A to point B is what Alton & Southern does best.

As specialists in intermediate shipping, our goal is to get our customers’ products moving around the country as efficiently and affordably as possible. 

Short line railroads, like Alton & Southern, play a vital role in giving local customers access to the vast Class I rail networks.

Our nation’s short lines connect areas that aren’t served by the Class I railroads. Alton & Southern works in tandem with them to move products where they need to go. Like other short-line railroads, our network allows products to be connected to lines across the entire country, coast to coast. It is our customized solutions, however, that allows Alton & Southern to really shine.

We partner with our clients to create the best possible solution, developed for your unique needs. Our team will customize the right service to move your product safely, reliably, and efficiently. With our short line connections and the expertise of our skilled team, we provide more economical shipping solutions than air shipping, traditional LTL or trucking options. 


What Can I Ship?

With over 120 years of experience, we have a deep understanding of all aspects of rail transportation for every classification of cargo. Additionally, we have a track record of providing reliable, efficient, and safe service to our customers who rely on us to transport sensitive materials. This expertise allows us to provide valuable insights and guidance to our clients, helping them to optimize their supply chain operations. By constantly striving to be the best in our field, we’ve built a reputation as a trusted partner to many industries.