Jobs on the Alton Southern

  • Transfers
    Transfer jobs can run anywhere on the system and their start time denotes when they are called. The normal routine is for these jobs to pick up and deliver trains to various connections throughout the day, but transfers also can work on-line industries if needed. One transfer job goes to the Terminal Railroad’s Madison Yard every day, which runs with a TRRA caboose. The motive power alternates between A&S and TRRA every three months. On arrival the crew leaves the power on the train and taxis back to its home terminal, which eliminates a return move with light power.
  • St. Louis Bum
    This job interchanges with Union Pacific at its 16th Street Yard in downtown St. Louis and returns running via the MacArthur Bridge.
  • Hump Job
    The A&S has a double hump at Gateway Yard, so normally trains are being humped at the same time by two crews.
  • Bull Ring Job
    Keeps humped cars from rolling out the other end of the yard, and clears tracks as needed.
  • Trimmer
    Classifies cars and does anything else the yardmaster needs at Gateway Yard.
  • Hostler Herder
    Herds motive power at Gateway Yard and spots it where needed.
  • Monsanto / River Yard Job
    Works Solutia and runs to Fox Terminal and works the port yard there.
  • North Short Job
    Switches on-line industries, including Metro East Industries. This job can have just about anything on it.